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About us

The history of Kozo Sushi started in Japan in 1964 as a takeout sushi restaurant. We started a takeout restaurant with the desire to have many customers eat sushi, as something more familiar because sushi had an expensive image at that time and at one point, it became the most famous takeout sushi in Japan.

In addition, the word “kozo” is derived from the boy who appears in “The God of the Boy”, the novel of the famous Japanese novelist “Naoya Shiga”. With the boy’s humble and selfless attitude of serving customers in the restaurant is expressed.

Kozo Sushi’s motto is to inherit the Japanese philosophy and make it easy for customers to enjoy delicious sushi. Kozo Sushi Values the trust of our customers and we are committed to providing you good quality Japanese Food by using a delicious Japanese brand of rice and our original vinegar with no MSG. 100% handmade sushi from classic sushi to creative rolls, sets, combos, bowls and party trays, we have a wide range of menus to suit your needs.

Popular Menu Item

Salmon Lover / Tuna Lover

  • These two are the most popular sets
  • As their names suggest, these are the sets with salmon or tuna as the main ingredients 

Which one is your favorite???

Signature Sushi

  • A classic box style Japanese takeout sushi 
  • In addition to the classic Nigiri sets, we offer a total of 7 types from veggie-specification sets

Please select according to your mood of the day.

Signature Rolls

  • A total of 31 variety of rolls available, including the classic California rolls, skinny rolls, and Kozo Sushi original rolls

3-item Combos

  • Create your own combo sets with your favorite items

There is no doubt that you stomach as well as your heart will be satisfied with the volume.


  • If fish is not really your favorite or just want to make some change based on your mood once in a while, how about chicken bowls or beef bowls? 

Original Teriyaki sauce is the decisive factor of the taste.

Party Trays

  • We offer products that meet the diverse needs of our customers, including classic party trays. 

Please try them for your weekend moments, special occasions, etc., that match with your needs.

What People are Saying

“Everything great!!”

We ordered uni,Ikura,Tako,Ebi,Kani and others.
I am Japanese.
I understand real authentic Japanese food.
Fresh and high quality.
Servers have hospitality.
We have enjoyed for dinner.
Thank you.

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Was surprised at how good the quality was. The conveyor belt was not in use at the time so you’re ordering the plates off the menu. Easy ordering and not too crowded. Hot sake definitely recommended. “

“Found a new good place”

This place is inexpensive, fun and has good service.
It’s a cool place to take your date or friends. It’s pretty engaging

“A cozy place to dine in “

The sushi is great, definitely the best sushi I’ve had by far. I ordered the California Tempura, Salmon Sunset, Crunch Shrimp and Dragon Roll. I have yet to try the nigiri, but the fish tastes very fresh and the rice is nice and soft.”

Now hiring !

Sushi Chef, Kitchen Crew and Server Positions Available

Hours of Operation

11:00am – 8:00pm


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